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~ Linus ~

Linus lives on the Weastern Coast of Finland in a town called Pori. His family consists human mom Marika Koivunen and three feline friends Lenni, Launo & Luukas. His official name is Swahili and means "strong & handsome".

Linus is red wheaten in colour, he has black pigmentation and excellent dark brown eyes. He has full dentation. His ridge is long and completely symmetrical. He is medium sized with nice substance and good bone strenght. He is excellent mover. In temperament he is very clever & active boy with a twinkle in his eye. He definately has mind of his own and easily wraps people around his paws.

Linus has started his basic obedience traning at Kontaktikoirat training sessions in Pori. He is also to have a active show career in front of him. Linus is also training blood tracking and most likely he is also to do some lure coursing as soon as he is of age.

Linus was born in a litter of 12 pups, 6 dogs & 6 bitches. All puppies were ridged, four with excellent show ridges and two with a third crown. All six gals were show ridged as well. Two of his sisters live in Norway.

kuva: Niina Lukkariniemi

kuva: Mika Auvinen

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